Our activity began in Bordighera on the West Coast of Liguria on 25 January 1897 and for over a century we have been stubbornly working in the presence of this arid and precious terraced land, embanked by monumental dry-stone walls, continually updating the way we produce and preserve our “liquid gold”, our affectionate name for extra virgin olive oil.

Traditional farming has given way to modern industrialised methods, like the shift from olives transported in sacks for pressing to aerated containers, where the olives, laid out in thin layers, retain their fragrance.

Wooden barrels and straw wrapped demijohns have given way to elegant glass or tinplate containers, designed for the optimal preservation of our extra virgin olive oil.

Stainless steel tanks and modern bottling equipment have improved our storage and packing times, thus helping us to guarantee the highest quality of our olive oils over time. Our aim has always been to produce quality oil from raw materials and to better serve tradition with the use of technological progress.